I’ve been seeing Daniel regularly for about 4 months. I’ve always found him to be a positive and calming presence. He is first and foremost a therapist that has helped me through an extremely trying time in my life. He pays attention to details, picks up on themes and processes what he’s heard in the moment (and for next time). He’s great at staying objective, while giving me key insights to understand what I’m going through. He’s great at knowing when to be direct and when to let me find my own truths.

His style of outdoor therapy is highly effective, while still feeling casual. I get the time and emotional space I need… with the benefit of getting some outdoor time & exercise (we make a full loop of Lake Merritt). It’s pretty amazing, because I feel like I’m spending time with a friend or companion that truly listens. Which then allows me to be more emotionally authentic with people in my everyday life. It’s a surprisingly practical way of becoming comfortable with expressing what I am genuinely feeling. I don’t see my therapists office as my “safe space”, I see my everyday life as my “safe space”. Innot only come to my epiphanies, but start integrating them into my life in that moment. 

I highly recommend Daniel for any age group. He has extensive experience with children, youth and upwards (I am a 36 yr old male). He’s an exceedingly safe person that gets people to open up quickly and comfortably.

 – B.   (Imported from Yelp on 11/1/18)


As a licensed Clinical Psychologist, I have known and worked with Daniel for over 10 years. He is a kind, warm, smart, thoughtful, and extremely skilled clinician. He listens carefully and empathically and offers truly helpful and supportive insights. Daniel is a real collaborator and willing to stick with his clients and work together as a team to find the path that works best for them. While Daniel’s clinical skills are an excellent fit for a wide range of clients, he has a particular gift in his ability to connect with adolescents and young adults. And Daniel loves to run! He has been an avid runner for at least as long as I have known him and is always able to offer encouragement and helpful ideas when it comes to all things running related. Having an opportunity to run and talk things through with Daniel would be well worth the effort!

-Maria Sobol, Ph.D.


As a former supervisor of mine, Daniel showed so much dedication, humor and unflappable calm! He is a wonderful example of cultural humility and has so much respect for each individual’s journey, … he especially impressed me with the care he took in not imposing his own agenda on clients. Daniel was a role model for working with such a diverse population, and modeled good boundaries…something, I have seen too often lacking in therapists.

-Julia F.,  Alumni TALK Line Volunteer


Daniel is an exceptional mentor. As a first-generation grad student, having someone like Daniel help advise, counsel, and support me in the social work field has been absolutely invaluable. Having been supervised by him, I can personally attest to his ability to cultivate a safe and trauma-informed-environment that welcomes a wide variety of individuals and families from various socio-economic, cultural, ethnic, educational and other diverse backgrounds by providing case management, supportive counseling, family planning, and psychoeducation. Moreover, his empathetic and non-judgmental approach of ‘meeting the person where they are at’ has been integral in my learning process and has modelled how I support the clients and staff I work with. He is the one who encouraged me to apply to the social work master’s program at Columbia University where I am currently getting my Master of Social Work degree. I am incredibly grateful for the knowledge he shared, and for the care and attention he gave to the people around him. He is truly a gem worth getting to know.

– Lisa Q.,

Columbia Univ., MSW ’19


Daniel was a supervisor of mine while I was getting my social work degree, and I cannot stress enough how much I appreciated our work together!  He was endlessly supportive, present, caring, and attentive to my needs – both professional and personal. He brought a lightheartedness into our sessions that diffused my stress, while maintaining commitment to getting to the root of the issues at hand. I appreciated his willingness to break the mold – some of our best conversations happened during strolls through the park – and I learned so much from his clinical expertise overall. Highly recommend!

-Willa M., MSW