Your Pace Psychotherapy Services


I am most fluent with a subset of emotional & psychological struggles:

Anger / Resentment



Crises of Identity & Belonging

Grief Reactions (& consequent unusual behavior)


My approach is collaborative and active. I balance making therapy challenging at times, yet playful enough so that you will want to come back. My clients say this therapy-on-the-move is  easier than a traditional sit-on-a-couch scenario in which the confinement of the room can get in the way of the work.  I think for some people — especially teens & young adults — the idea of sitting in a room with a therapist is antithetical to being in a space that is good for sharing tough stuff.

A variety of evidence-based practices inform my approach. I draw most from Motivational Interviewing, Mentalization, and Narrative Therapy. I don’t hold to the orthodoxy of an approach if it isn’t a fit for you, and a shift in method is a part of the therapy itself. My professional experience is like a set of guideposts and trail blazes for us to refer to in our work together.  Your many thousands of hours of life experience will be the material we continually return to in search of next steps.